Ontario Tumour Bank

With samples from more than 20,000 participants across 30 disease sites, OTB is one of North America’s largest tumour banks and has over 175,000 samples in its inventory, consisting of FFPE and fresh frozen tumour tissue, matched normal adjacent tissue, blood plasma, buffy coat and derivatives. A wide breadth of clinical data accompanies each and every sample, including histology, patient/family history, treatments, systemic therapies and up to 5 years follow-up/outcome data.

OTB provides customized services to meet the needs of research projects of all sizes, including the prospective procurement of fresh surgical tissue and fresh whole blood. That’s why researchers have trusted OTB to source 44,000 samples for more than 360 oncology projects over the past two decades, resulting in more than 160 total citations including 31 in Nature journals.

Access to samples and data is simple, straightforward and timely. Please contact us directly at tumourbank@oicr.on.ca or click below to go to our Sample Request Form.

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For Researchers

The high-quality biospecimens, derivatives and clinical data are an important resource for scientists engaged in translational research who are developing better diagnostic tools and new drug therapies. Researchers can depend on OTB to provide products and services of high quality, diversity, and integrity.

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For Patients

OTB is committed to ensuring that the collection of research biospecimens does not interfere with patient care and that the privacy and confidentiality of all volunteer donors are maintained. Informed consent for tissue collection and research use is obtained from all patients.

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OTB Facts

A founding member

of CTRNet, the Canadian Tissue Repository Network, along with 5 other top-tier Canadian cancer biobanks.


are extended a price that represents a 50-90% subsidy from the true cost.

OTB collects

1500-1600 new donors per year, representing over 10,000 new aliquots.

Participating Hospitals

St. Josephs
The Ottawa Hospital

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