Sample Request Procedure

The Ontario Tumour Bank (OTB) is open to academic and industry cancer researchers worldwide. Access to biospecimens and clinical data is simple, straightforward and timely. Please contact us directly at

OTB conducts a detailed sample search based on study requirements

Researcher submits:

  1. Completed Application Form and Principal Investigator’s CV
  2. Valid Research Ethics Board approval letter
  3. Signed Material Transfer Agreement (MTA)

Researcher selects samples of interest.

Supplementary services: RNA/DNA extractions, tissue microarrays, etc.

De-identified clinical data is sent electronically followed by couriered shipment of samples and any additional material.

OTB is committed to client care and aims to achieve scientific committee review and approval within 2-3 weeks. Upon approval, de-identified clinical data will be securely transferred to the researcher and samples will be shipped expeditiously.