Access to biospecimens and clinical data is simple, straightforward and timely. Please contact us directly at

For a detailed sample search report customized to your research needs, please provide us with:

  • Disease site(s) of interest, including sub-types;
  • Number of fresh frozen and/or paraffin embedded tissue samples required;
  • Sample types needed – tumour, matching normal, blood (plasma, cell-free plasma, buffy);
  • Any additional services – RNA extraction, DNA extraction, tissue microarray construction;
  • Inclusion/exclusion criteria.

Documents you will need to provide:

  • Current valid ethics approval letter for the study (see Researcher FAQs or contact us for more information);
  • CV of the principal investigator.

Documents we will work together on:

  • OTB application form;
  • Material transfer agreement.

OTB is committed to client care and aims to achieve scientific committee review and approval within 4-6 weeks. Upon approval, de-identified clinical data will be securely transferred to the researcher and samples will be shipped expeditiously. Ready to request samples or services? Please click here.